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Creating a site
is a breeze

Flazio is the fun and versatile solution
to create a site or a blog in a few seconds.

You can create the web site just the way you have always imagined it thanks to the Flazio intuitive technology . No need to learn any programming language or use software for websites creation: with Flazio you add, drag and customize each element.

If you can imagine it then you can create it . To create a free site with Flazio , you only need a few clicks to be involved and create the pages, managing the colors, the pictures and the texts of your website. Our structure makes this simple and immediate. Thanks to the Drag & Drop technology you can manage all the elements of your site in a visual way: from the structure to the dimensions of pictures, videos and text.

Create a site
following your style

Choose among hundreds of free customizable templates

Flazio offers you the possibility of a 100% customization on any available template. You can therefore build a site choosing the model you prefer, leaving it as it is or making it the base to develop your professional or personal project. Flazio makes any kind of templates available to you. Do you have a pharmacy? Are you a lawyer, do you have a pizzeria or other business? You can alter any template by changing font, colors, elements and pages for a 100% customization.

Discover all Flazio templates

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You can create a site that is already half full

Import the contents from your profile or Facebook page into your website

creare un sito dalla pagina Facebook

If you want to create a site that is updated and full of contents right away, try the innovative Facebook application: if you wish, Flazio will automatically import your details, giving you a personal website that is totally customizable through an extremely easy to use panel.

Go to the application

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In the Core of Technology

No need to save anything to create or modify a site: Flazio will take care of everything.

Flazio innovative technology saves your changes automatically. In fact, every change is published online, so that you can update your website 24 hours a day, wherever you are. All you need is a PC: visit and get access to modify and update your project.

Your own mobile site

For any type of device and screen size

With Flazio you can create a site with super power, that is an adaptive site. In fact, once online, your site is automatically optimized for mobile devices: this means that your clients or visitors can reach you also from smartphones and tablets because the website will perfectly adjust to the screen they use. The adjustment to the monitor works with any kind of device.

creare un sito responsive

Your website will fly high

Creating with Flazio means to optimize a site in a moment: in fact, all the guidelines are automatically implemented for a correct indexing and ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your keywords

Flazio allows you to create a site including keywords, titles and descriptions when you wish, to increase the visibility of your site on Google and other search engines.

Easy updating

All you need is just a second to understand how to update an entire website: it couldn't be simpler and this is really helpful, because search engines favors the websites that are frequently updated.

SEO Friendly Software

Our software is designed to allow all users to create a site with an excellent position on Google and the other search engines .

Automatic reports

Every change in text, images and photos of your website will be automatically reported to the search engines: you won't need to do anything after each improvement in your site.

Automatic Sitemap

With Flazio you will automatically create a sitemap of your website. Google gives a notable advantage to the sites with a map: this is why we care about your site's.

Ranking Control

You will receive a notification from Flazio when Google, Bing and the other search engines analyze your website. In this way you are always updated about the position of your site on the different search engines.

Track your visitors

Creating a site with Flazio means that you will access to the statistics on your website visitors: from the daily number of users to their geographic position and their IP address.

Nice and effective interface

The recorded data are analyzed and presented to you via diagrams, tables and graphics that will show you in a simple and organized way the statistics of your website like the average number of visitors, the average length of each visit and the most frequently searched words in the search engines to get to your site

Real time monitoring of visits

Creating a site with Flazio means that you will also be able to know in real time the number of visitors on your website. Real-Time metrics allow an actual monitoring of how the new changes affect the traffic on your website in real time.

Information Newsletter

Flazio will periodically send you a summary email to your email address. In this way you will always be updated about the progress of your website.

Additional Avant-garde Services

For the most demanding clients it is possible to integrate the Google Analytics services to get a 360° view of all the data in your website.

Statistics even on your Smartphone to get updated anytime you want. Download the app from Google Store.

It Speaks all the languages in the world.

With Flazio you can create a site to make yourself understood in a multicultural setting: try our multilingual function.

Flazio makes available to you all the necessary tools to create a multilingual site and make it international, so that you can reach new customers all over the world. Just drag the “Multi Language” component to start working on translations without writing a single line of code.

integrazione sito con i social network

Your Website has a Social spirit

A site created with Flazio is automatically integrated with the major social networks.

The integration of your website with the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter allows your visitors to twit, share, and "Like" directly on the pages of your website: their friends will notice your site and will be able to share it in turn. In this way, reaching more visitors and acquiring a greater number of clients for your business will simply be a breeze.

Creating a successful website gives a reward

Make money with a website created with Flazio: just add advertisements to your site.

Once you add an advertising space inside your website, this will immediately be filled by one of the Flazio network advertisers. You will immediately start making money basing on the visualization and the clicks they will receive. .
Remember: It's up to you to choose the position of the advertising space inside your website.

ecommere per guadagnare con un sito

All your wishes become an order

E-commerce function: all you need to start selling online from your website

At Flazio all the procedures were made simple: to create an e-commerce site now you only need to do the bare minimum.You can categorize products, making them available or private, organize the shipments, promotional coupons and all you need to introduce your products at their best.

creare un sito e-commerce

We accept all credit cards

Your visitors may easily pay easily using their credit cards, ATM cards or debit cards.

Input your products in a click

Input your products to your website in the simplest possible way. Upload picturess, enter descriptions, create a category, all in just a few clicks.

Secure payments

Maximum security for payments guaranteed by Flazio because we use the PayPal circuit, one of the leading companies for online payments.

You can monitor the sales on your website

When one of your visitors buys a product, you will receive an email with all the transaction details. In this way you can always keep an eye on the situation.

Everything Fast

Flazio is an all-in-one solution that includes all you need to create a websitein one unique service.

5 emails of 5 GB each

The professional version provides 5 customized emails of 5 BG each.


Your website on our powerful servers with unlimited space.

Help Desk

A dedicated support team for any problem on your site.

Customized address

Choose among the many extensions .com, .net, .it etc. .... the most suitable to your needs.


Connect to the major Social Networks. Your site is the heart of your digital identity.


A unique collection of elements to improve your site.

We guide you along your first steps in the web

Flazio provides many support tools that can make the creation of your website even simpler and faster.

Flazio analyzes your behavior, examines your preferences and habits to predict your next step, and tries to assist you accordingly.
For example, when you create a new page on your website, Flazio knows the objects you used in the previous page and offers them again in the newly created page.

A modular and expandable structure

With HTML elements you can satisfy the most complex requirements.

Flazio allows you to create a site exactly as you wish, allowing you to manage it directly by writing whatever you need in HTML/JavaScript code . We want to guarantee the maximum of expansion and customization chance.

Fast servers for your website

All our servers are continuously monitored to guarantee you and your visitors the best possible service.

Automatic compression

All the multimedia elements (photos, audio, video) you put on your Website will be automatically compressed, You will therefore have more space, and your pages will open more quickly.

Optimized Servers

Behind an impeccable SEO friendly Software there is high performance Hardware, optimized by our team to reach 4 times higher speed of execution and downloading .

Fast Servers

Flazio uses solid state technology for its servers. The important difference compared to the classic disks is the possibility to store large quantities of data, without using any mechanical parts (plates, heads, motors etc.) unlike the traditional hard discs.

Secure backup of your website

Creating a site with Flazio is secure: we make a copy of all your data every day and store it. At any time you can bring your Website back in time.

Try it now. It's free!